Breeding Pit Bulls

Breeding Pit Bulls

Why Breeding Pit Bulls is a Bad Idea

It’s a well known fact that shelters are full of dogs and cats looking for a home of their own. A staggering 40% of these dogs are Pit Bulls or Pit Bull-type dogs.

I am of two minds when it comes to the issue of breeding Pit Bulls. I know there are responsible breeders who understand their bloodlines, register their dogs, and do everything they can to ensure their puppies end up in good hands. They work towards improving the breed.

However, there are also the backyard breeders who are in it just to make a quick buck. They do not know the history of the dogs nor do they do not know what temperament or medical issues they’re passing along. They are irresponsible, selfish and rely on their dogs for a paycheck.

They are the reason so many Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes die in shelters.

Before you even consider breeding Pit Bulls, save this to memory.


Breeding Pit Bulls

  • Every year there are over 1.2 million dogs euthanized and approximately 40% are those are presumed to be Pit Bulls.
  • Half a million Pit Bull type dogs are killed every year.
  • In Los Angeles county alone 200 Pit Bulls are killed every day.
  • Every year over 20 million animals end up homeless


If you must breed Pit Bulls, make sure you are doing it for the betterment of the breed. Please breed only healthy dogs without genetic or temperament defects.

Absolutely ensure that every puppy will have a safe and healthy home before you decide to breed. You won’t know how many puppies you will have so you must be prepared to do multiple home-checks and everything else that comes along with placing a puppy into a good home.

Spay/neuter all puppies so they will not add to the staggering over-population problem.

Make sure you have an open door policy, meaning if the puppies don’t work out in their new homes, they must be returned to you and NOT taken to a shelter.


Keep in mind that every dog you produce will kill a dog already in a shelter.


If you want to help Pit Bulls, check out my article about things you can do to lend a hand.


Breeding Pit Bulls
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