Cesar Millan- Socialization, Essentials of Dog Behavior DVD

ProductSocialization, Essentials of Dog Behavior- (DVD)

Author– Cesar Millan, the original “Dog Whisperer” and star of Nat Geo Wild’s hit show “Cesar 911”.

Details– English Closed Captioning; Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese subtitles; 90 minutes

Price– $29.99 USD

My rating– 4/5 paws

I adore Cesar Millan. When it comes raising a Pit Bull in the most responsible and positive way, he is among the top.

I don’t always agree with everything he says however I do use many of his teachings with my own dogs on a fairly regular basis. I accept the pack leader mentality and many of his methods work very well.

In the Socialization, Essentials of Dog Behavior DVD, Cesar takes us through 4 different scenarios to learn how to properly correct unwanted behavior:

  • The home
  • The walk
  • The office
  • The dog park

He shows real dog socialization problems and how to address them.

The DVD is 90 minutes long and delves deep into the core of dog socialization.

He teaches, coaches and offers great tips in ways to understand our dogs anti-social behavior, dominance, insecurity and aggression issues. Aside from having a professional trainer actually inside our home with our dogs, this DVD comes pretty close.

There are also bonus features which include:

  • History of Pit Bulls
  • Dog park do’s and dont’s
  • Understanding our dog’s standing in the pack
  • Post-training follow up footage


I highly recommend this DVD for dogs who have normal behavior issues that need correction. This DVD offers very solid information and is easy to follow. If you have a “red-zone” dog, meaning his actions could be dangerous to people or other animals, please contact a local professional immediately.

Cesar Millan- Socialization, Essentials of Dog Behavior DVD
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