Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue and a Dog Named Boo-

Boo thought he had a family. He thought he was protected and safe.

Sadly, Boo was wrong.

When his family moved out of their house in Detroit a little over a month ago, they took what they wanted, while discarding what they didn’t want, and that included their dog Boo.

He sat on a discarded mattress outside of his home for a month, waiting for his family to come back for him.

They never did.

Thankfully, Mike Diesel, of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, learned about Boo’s situation and did what all rescuers do. He went to Boo and never left his side.

It took over 11 hours for Boo to trust him. Mike brought him food, water, and enough time for Boo to feel comfortable. He sat with him on that old mattress, hour after hour, until Boo said he was ready to go.

Mike put a collar on him and took him for a walk, spending some more time building a relationship. Once he knew he had Boo’s trust, he put him into his truck.

They went straight to the vet where it was confirmed that Boo is Heartworm positive. Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue- Mike Diesel and Boo

He is also a wonderful dog who likes other dogs and has a very gentle nature.

Boo is currently with Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue and will be looking for a foster or a forever family. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Boo, or just want more information about the rescue, contact Mike Diesel.

Please visit their Facebook page for more information and ways to donate to his care.

Mike has done so much for the Detroit community, most of it un-published.

But, that’s what rescuers do.

***UPDATED 12/19***

 Boo is doing VERY well. He has gone through Heartworm treatment and is in a loving home! ♥

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue
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