List Of Food Dogs Should Not Eat

Food dogs should not eat

Do you know what foods your dog should not eat? Which foods are toxic and could potentially kill him? If not, it is a good idea to keep this list handy, just in case an accident occurs (and we all know that accidents occur).

I know how difficult it can be to say no to our dogs, especially when they stare at us with those eyes! You know those eyes right?

We want to make them happy and when they are eating what we are eating, they are happy. However, there are many foods that are toxic to our pets which we want to avoid at all costs. Of course, individual cases can be based on the size, weight and breed of your dog, however it is best to apply this list to all dogs.

Here is a list of food dogs should not eat, under any circumstances. If your pet gets into any of these foods, pay attention to the amount he ingested and take him to the vet immediately.

The foods listed in red are the ones you REALLY need to stay away from-


  • Alcohol- Food and drinks that contain alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, coma and even death. There is NO reason to give your dog (or cat) alcohol in any form so AVOID this.


  • Hops– in beer, can cause increased heart rate, panting, fever, seizures and possibly death.



  • Chocolate– I think pretty much everyone knows this however if you don’t, chocolate is definitely high on this list. Chocolate contains methylxanthines (theobromine and theophylline) which cause panting, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and urination, abnormal heart rhythm, central nervous system depression, coma and even death. Chocolate also has caffeine which is never good for your pet.


  • Coffee– same rules as chocolate. My dog drank a full cup of coffee I had sitting on the floor (dont ask) I didnt even realize how bad it could have been for her until I researched it. No reason to give your dog coffee but if he accidentally gets into it, watch for the same signs as chocolate.


  • Avocado– Causes diarrhea, vomiting and heart congestion


  • Citrus– The stems, peels, fruit and seeds of citrus plants contain different amounts of citric acid. If ingested in larger quantities, these can lead to stomach irritation, vomiting and possibly central nervous system depression


  • Grapes and Raisins– the toxic substance in grapes and raisins is unknown however they can cause kidney failure. Avoid.


  • Macadamia Nuts– Can cause weakness, depression, vomiting, tremors and hypothermia. Signs can take up to 12 hours to show so do not assume he is ok after an hour or two. Avoid.


  • Nuts in general– Can cause vomiting, diarrhea and possibly pancreatitis


  • Onions and Chives – Bad in ALL forms. Can cause gastrointestinal problems and possibly lead to red blood cell damage. One of THE worst foods you can give your pets.


  • FOOD THAT CONTAINS ONION IN ANY FORM– (including baby food)


  • Cooked Bones– Not even WORTH it. Bones are a choking hazard. If they splinter they can cause major damage. I dont give these to my dogs simply because I am afraid they will swallow a big piece and choke.


  • Raw or Under-Cooked Meat, Eggs and Bones- Raw food can contain Salmonella and E.Coli. No matter HOW much they want that raw hamburger, its not worth it. Avoid.


  • Raw Fish Regular consumption of raw fish can cause vitamin B deficiency. Loss of appetite and seizures are possible. Death is rare but possible. Better safe than sorry. I marked as red because if a food can possibly cause death, that’s enough for me.


  • Corn on the Cob– Ok. The corn itself isn’t horrible however the cob can get caught in your dog’s throat or stomach. This can be fatal, obviously.


list of food dogs should not eat

  • Yeast/Dough- Yeast can rise and cause bloat. Bloat is when your dog’s stomach twists and is absolutely fatal if not caught in time. Ingredients are similar to alcohol.


  • Mushrooms– Similar to humans, just avoid them


  • Peaches, Plums, PersimmonsAside from the pits, which are a major choking hazard, they contain a compound that degrades into hydrogen cyanide, HCN, which is EXTREMELY poisonous. If you have these kinds of trees in your yard, either keep your dogs away from the area or chop them down. 


  • Pear Seeds– Contain small amounts of arsenic


  • Salty Foods– Too much salt can lead to sodium ion poisoning. This can lead to excessive thirst, urination, vomiting, depression, dehydration, high temperature, tremors, seizures and in rare cases, death. Just be careful.


  • Rhubarb and Tomato Leaves– Both contain oxalates which can affect the digestive tract and nervous and urinary systems.


  • Coconut Oil– This is a tough one for me. Many websites say its wonderful, the ASPCA says that small amounts is fine however the flesh and milk of the coconut oil can cause stomach upset. Coconut Water is high in potassium and should not be given to pets.


  • Xylitol– This is a sweetener used in gum, candy, baked goods and toothpaste. Xylitol can release insulin which leads to lower sugar levels. This can lead to liver failure. Signs are vomiting, lethargy, loss of coordination. This can progress to seizures and liver failure can occur in a few days. If you suspect your pet has ingested anything with xylitol in it, go to the vet immediately.


  • Marijuana– JUST DON’T DO IT. Outside of it being cruel and dumb, it can affect your dog’s nervous system and heart rate. Nothing funny about that.


  • Tobacco– The effects of nicotine in dogs is way worse than it is for people, if you can imagine that. Nicotine affects the digestive and nervous system. It also increases heart rate, which can ultimately lead to death.


Our dogs will eat almost anything right? Unfortunately, they don’t know what is bad for them. SO, its up to us to make sure that they don’t eat anything that will harmful or deadly. If your pup is used to eating table scraps, that’s ok as long as that’s not his entire diet. Be vigilant and make sure you really know what you’re feeding him OR what he gets into. Things that we normally wouldn’t think twice about can cause major issues, even death.

a pit bull puppy


This list of food dogs should not eat is pretty complete however I am sure there are some foods I could have missed. If you know of any, please leave a comment and let me know.

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List Of Food Dogs Should Not Eat
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