My Dogs- a Pit Bull Love Story

My Dogs- a Pit Bull Love Story

I Fell In Love With A Pit Bull Puppy Riley as a puppy


We brought Riley home about 6 years ago. I hate to admit this but we actually bought her for $100 bucks.

I normally do not recommend buying dogs as it only tells these backyard breeders that there is money to be made.

On this day, I did not follow my own advice.

It was Halloween, and it was cold. My husband was driving when he saw a litter of puppies in a pen on a front yard. He immediately came home and asked me if I wanted a Pit Bull puppy.

I honestly hadn’t thought about it as I had two cats who I loved dearly. However when he came home and asked that question, I answered yes, without a second thought. (No thinking required I guess)

We got back to the house and walked over to where the puppies were playing.

Immediately my eyes were drawn to this female red nose puppy. She was most definitely the runt of the litter.

I bent down and scooped her up.

She looked at me, I looked at her, and that’s all it took.

My husband asked “Didn’t I want to pick up THAT one?” And “What about the big brown boy?”


We drove home with her on my lap, wrapped in a blanket. Her belly was very round from the de-worming and she almost smelled “sick”,

You know that smell, right?

For the first few weeks I actually thought she would die on me. No medical reason for thinking that (of course we took her to our vet immediately and she was in fact, fine) but I was SO worried. I guess that’s love.


My Dogs- a Pit Bull Love Story

Six years later and she has never left my side


She is my best friend and we do everything together. I can’t imagine my life without her. ❤️


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The Story of a Pit Bull named Brooke

Brooke- a Yawning Pit Bull

Brooke came into our lives out of the blue.

I received an email from my uncle who in turn had received an email from someone else, and so on, and so on.

The email contained a picture of a Pit Bull with a plea for help.

I wasn’t planning on a second dog, I already had a Pit Bull and felt pretty content.

Brooke had a previous “family”, I hate to even use that term, but she did belong to other people.

I don’t know how they came to have her or how long she was with them, but I do know she lived in Nevada for a period of time.

The couple broke up and Brooke ended up in Michigan with the boyfriend.


Apparently he decided he didn’t want her anymore.

He put her in the car (she loves car rides) and drove to, well, somewhere.

I can only guess how this exactly went down but in a nutshell, he let Brooke out of the car and drove away. He left her, by herself, with no where to go and no one to take care of her. Can you picture her just standing there? Waiting for him to come back?

I can.

We don’t know how long she was on her own however she eventually ended up on the porch of a wonderful woman’s house. This woman, Tammy, had small dogs of her own however took in this stray Pit Bull, not knowing anything about her.

Brooke was micro-chipped so she was able to locate her owners, who of course, didn’t want her back. (which is also how we found out all of this information).

She kept her for a bit however she also had cats, and Brooke isn’t so great with those. 😽A Crashed Out Pit Bull

So, she put out a plea through email. She didn’t want to take her to the shelter (knowing what a Pit Bull’s chances would be) however she couldn’t risk injuries to her small pets.

Make a long story short, that email ended up in my inbox.

My husband and I talked it over and decided to see how she would do with us, Riley, and our own cats.

After a home check and a brief introduction, she fit right in.

Knowing this dog as I do, I can’t IMAGINE what her previous owners were thinking.

How could they just leave her like that? It was cold outside and anything could have happened to her.

Brooke’s story has a happy ending, thankfully, but so many Pit Bulls don’t.

I love this girl to pieces and can’t imagine my life or house without her either.

To learn more about Pit Bulls and cats, check out my article here.


❤️ 🐾


My Dogs- a Pit Bull Love Story
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