National Pit Bull Awareness Day

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

As many of you may know, October 27th is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. This is a day many Pit Bull lovers hold near and dear to their hearts.

The reason for this day is to appreciate the wonderful American Pit Bull Terrier AND all of their responsible and loving owners.

It is a day to break the negative stereotypes that surround these amazing dogs and the people who care for them.

History of National Pit Bull Awareness Day

NPBAD was created in 2007 by Bless the Bully’s rescuer, Jodi Preis. Though the original response was overwhelmingly positive, Jodi did face some criticism for using the word “Pit Bull”. Many thought that label was not right however it was chosen for a reason.

When you think of attacking dogs, dogs who bite, what comes to your mind first? Pit Bull.

Of course.

So Jodi deliberately used “Pit Bull” because the whole point of this day is to change the negative images that come to mind with that word.

The Reasons Behind National Pit Bull Awareness Day

The goal of NPBAD is to promote the truth about Pit Bulls, plain and simple.

It has been an incredible success since because of the amazing and dedicated Pit Bull advocates around the country who strive, not just on this day, but every day, to promote proper care, training, and responsible pet ownership.

This day is for us, Pit Bull parents, to show off all the amazing traits of our dogs.

Successful Pit Bulls

For our dogs to succeed in their sometimes harsh realities, socialization and understanding their behavior is essential. Learning what your dog is saying and knowing how to react creates a well-balanced and happy dog.

All Pit Bulls need a helping hand, especially those in shelters or bad environments. To find out how you can help, check out my article here.


 Happy National Pit Bull Awareness Day!



National Pit Bull Awareness Day
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